mekkado kennel and sussetz farm
it's genetics
it's genetics
Q litter puppy
O litter puppy
ASCA trials
ASCA trials
the many sides of Coque
Keyloh finally working stock calmly
O litter learning to swim
O litter learning to swim
Sisco having fun in the mud
P Litter
Plutonium Lace

We live on a few acres in the northeastern corner of Illinois and cherish the companionship of our dogs.
As responsible dog owners we realize the importance of training and focusing the dog's energies into appropriate behaviors.
We enjoy the whole training process and use the competitive dog sports to evaluate our progress.
Although we do not breed litters very often, the study of pedigrees and genetic traits intrigue us. In our efforts to understand what to expect from our own dogs and any possible combination we spend many hours watching dogs work, speaking with breeders and owners and listening to the people who have personally worked or seen earlier generations. We give careful consideration not only to the dogs in the pedigree but also their full and half siblings.
Welcome to our world.