mekkado litter history


PLitter OLitter "Q" litter born June 24, 2018, australian shepherds
sired by Starstuff's Tenor of Heartsong, STDcds
out of WTCH FTCH Nineveh's Coquin of Mekkado RTDcs RN
1 black bi female, 1 blue merle male, 1 cryptic blue merle male, 1 red bi male, 1 red tri male
PLitter OLitter "P" litter born October 10, 2016, australian shepherds
sired by Rossy's Sisco
out of WTCH Nineveh's Keyloh of Mekkado RTDcs AFTDcsm OFTDd
co-bred with Ray Fryar, Rockin F Aussies
2 blue males, 4 blue females, 1 red merle female, 2 black females
OLitter OLitter "O" litter born June 10, 2015, australian shepherds
sired by Nineveh's Chip On My Shoulder, OTDs STDcd
out of WTCH Nineveh's Keyloh of Mekkado
co-bred with Beth Delozier, Nineveh Ranch
4 blue females, 1 red merle female, 1 black tri female
NLitter NLitter "N" litter born April 09, 2008, labradors
sired by FC CFC CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick
out of Mekkado's Dare to Believe (daughter of FC AFC Dare to Dream)
co-bred with Dr. David Aul
2 black males, 3 black females
MLitter Litter "M" litter born August 13, 1997, dobermans
sired by Alexander v Haus Jagen, SchH3, IPO3, FH
out of Genre v Westervelt, SchH2
co-bred with Luis Vasquez, Aracoururo
4 black males, 5 black females
"A" through "L" and "R" litters were born 1983-1996
7 german shepherd litters = "A", "C", "F", "D", "E", "G", "H"
5 rottweiler litters - "B", "L", "R", "J", "K"
and 1 doberman litter - "I"