mekkado dogs - coque

WTCH FTCH HTCH Nineveh's Coquin of Mekkado

sired by HOF WTCH Starstuff Rapture Ready DNA-VP
out of 3C's Easy Goer DNA-VP

red merle with white female born October 31, 2012
bred by Wayne & Beth Delozier of Nineveh Ranch in Lexington, OK
ASCA E181574, AKC DN38237003
OFA Hips good AS-32149G25F-NOPI, Elbows AS-EL7763F25-NOPI, Eyes AS-EYE1070/58F-VPI, Thyrid AS-TH234/61F-VPI
DNA tested clear for CD, CMR1, DM, HC/HSF4, HUU, MDR1, prcdPRA     DNA tested carrier of CEA
complete and correct dentition

ASCA Merit Certifications
2015-2016 #2 STDc, #2 STDd, #2 STDs, #8 OTDc, #3 OTDd, #2 OTDs
2017-2018 #6 ATDc, #5 ATDs

and the first dog to earn the ASCA Farm Trial Champion title

When I met Easy at Beth's house, I knew I had to have a puppy from the Ready & Easy cross. At the end of August, Beth called to let me know Easy had been bred. As my husband was not keen on adding another dog to our household, I decided some parameters needed to be met for me to take a puppy. I explained to Beth that the puppy needed to be a female, red merle and born on my birthday, to which she answered "Yeah, right!" At 11:30pm on my birthday, Beth called to let me know the puppies were born. There was only one female and only one red merle. And with that Coque joined our family just as it was meant to be.

Being a half sister to Keyloh, I expected to end up with the same type of driven powerful dog. In an attempt to not repeat the mistakes of my past, I was very disciplined and demanding with Coque from the beginning. Big mistake, as she is a differrent dog from Keyloh. Coque is sensitive and very biddable. It took letting her grow up some and than three weeks of constant exposure to stock to really bring out her instincts. She is very calm, has a natural ability to read her stock and works at the edge of the bubble to move stock quietly. Wow! a totally new experience for me.

Coque is environmentally sound, best friends with everyone she meets (a bit of a suck-up actually), easy to live with and travels well. Her calmness, natural instinct, and good sense of group allow us to work even the lightest of stock. Coque is a heeling fool that will go to head when needed.

She is registered with ASCA and AKC. She was born with a full length tail which was docked. She has full and correct dentition. Her parentage has been verified through the ASCA DNA program. She is fully health tested.

Coque brings a whole new perspective to my stockdog training. I hope I can live up to her abilities.

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