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Registries and Herding Programs
ASCA logo Australian Shepherd Club of America
AKC logo American Kennel Club
AHBA logo The American Herding Breeds Association
CDA logo National Cattledog Association
CKC logo Canadian Kennel Club
Health Information, Testing and Registries
ASHGI logo Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute
OFA logo Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Aniaml Genetics logo Animal Genetics Inc.
Other Information
Working Aussie Source logo The Working Aussie Source
Kristen Tara Horowitz's Australian Shepherd site
Aussie Info logo Aussie Info
Books and Videos
many of these sites have a wealth of additional information on aussies and working stockdogs
Dawna Sims book Teaching the Rules of the Hunt: An Introduction to Herding by Dawna Sims
Kris Toft book Australian Shepherds of the Mountain West by Kris Toft
Carol Ann Hartnagle book The Total Australian Shepherd: Beyond the Beginning by Carol Ann Hartnagle and Ernest Hartnagle
Jeanne Joy Hartnagle book Stockdog Savvy by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and Ty Taylor
Bob Vest book The Traveling Herding Teacher by Bob Vest as told to Kathleen Freeman Kelly
Scott Lithgow book Training and Working Dogs for Quiet Confident Control of Stock
by Scott Lithgow
Vergil Holland book Herding Dogs: Progressive Training by Vergil Holland
Steve Cote book Stockmanship by Steve Cote
Bruce Fogt book Lessons From a Stock Dog by Bruce Fogt
Temple Grandin book Livestock Handling and Transport edited by Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin book Humane Livestock Handling
(Understanding Livestock Behavior and Building Facilities for Healthier Animals)
by Temple Grandin & Mark Deesing
Burt Smith book Moving 'Em, A Guide To Low Stress Animal Handling by Burt Smith
Jeanne-Joy Hartnagle Taylor book Australian Shepherd Judging Compendium by Jeanne-Joy Hartnagle Taylor
Dr Sophia Yin book Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right by Dr. Sophia Yin
Dr Sophia Yin book Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn by Dr. Sophia Yin
Dr Sophia Yin book Creating the Perfect Puppy DVD by Dr. Sophia Yin
Bud Williams DVD Stockmanship DVD by Bud Williams
Ben Means DVD The Perfect Stock Dog by Ben Means (book and DVD)
Jerry Rowe DVD The Common Sense Approach to Herding DVD set by Jerry Rowe
Jeanne Joy Hartnagle DVD Herding Series DVD set by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle
Lynn Leach DVD All Breed Herding DVD set by Lynn Leach
Roy Cox DVD Roy Cox Connection DVD set by Roy Cox
Shane Harley DVD Training a Cowdog DVD set by Shane Harley
Gary Ericsson DVD Training the Working Stockdog DVD by Gary Ericsson
Charlie Trayer DVD How to Train and Handle the Cowdog by Charlie Trayer (book and DVD)
Working Aussie Source logo Working Aussie Source Library
Bud Williams article Stockmanship by Bud Williams
Temple Grandin articles Recommended Basic Livestock Handling Articles on Temple Grandin website
Auburn University articles Livestock Safety Articles on Auburn University website
Ron Gill website Ron Gill's Effective Stockmanship website
Burt Rutherford article Low Stress Cattle Handling, Not Low Pressure Cattle Handling
by Burt Rutherford

you will notice that some of the information posted here is contradictary
please use this information as food for thought and tools in your training toolbox
working dogs and livestock is very fluid, be prepared to effectively change whenever necessary depending on the dog, the livestock and the environment