mekkado "Q" litter, 2018
Q litter

mekkado's "Q" litter

sired by Starstuff's Tenor of Heartsong STDcds
(WTCH Heartsong's Six Strings RTDcs PATDs OFTDm x Starstuff's Silver Spurs STDcs)
out of WTCH FTCH Nineveh's Coquin of Mekkado

1 black bi female, 1 blue merle male, 1 cryptic blue merle male, 1 red bi male and 1 red tri male
born June 24, 2018     dual registered - ASCA & AKC
pups clear by parentage for CD, CMR1, DM, HC/HSF4, HUU, MDR1, prcdPRA
all pups DNA tested clear for CEA


Tenor was bred by Becky Bailie of Starstuff Aussies in Manchester, MI and is owned/trained/handled by Gail Winnick of Heartsong Aussies in Perry, MI.
I was at a Larry Painter cattle clinic in July, 2014 to learn more about cattle handling and properly using a dog to help.  The cattle were from the local sale barn and part of the clinic was dog breaking cattle.  I watched several dogs work the first day, from a few experienced dogs through some just getting started when Gail brought out a ten month old pup that had never worked on cattle before.  She sent Tenor to the cattle's heads and asked for a stop, which he did.  He stood just looking at the one closest to him.  That calf reached out to examine what was in front of him and Tenor bit him square on the nose.  He let go and then stood his ground again.  That calf turned off quickly and Tenor took several steps forward to confront the next calf who decided to turn off and take the third one along.  No rodeo, no worry - just calm, confident, powerful work.  It was awesome to watch and very educational to see a dog with so much natural talent and power doing what it was bred for.  Shortly, Tenor was making holes to pull stock off the fence from the front and the rear and moving the cattle wherever Gail directed.  I knew at that time, Tenor or his sire Tar would be a dog that we used in our breeding program.  The working photos posted here are from that clinic in 2014 when Tenor was just ten months old.
I hope the pups retain the ability to read stock and calm working style of both parents with the added power and confidence of Tenor.

Tenor has OFA hips excellent AS-32828E24M-VPI, elbows normal AS-EL8279M24-VPI, eyes normal AS-EYE2510/55M-VPI and thyroid normal AS-TH285/55M-VPI. He is DNA tested clear for CD, CEA, CMR1, DM, HC/HSF4, HUU, MDR1 and prcdPRA.

Coque has OFA hips good AS-32149G25F-PI, elbows normal AS-EL7763F25-PI, eyes normal AS-EYE1070/58F-VPI and thyroid normal AS-TH234/61F-VPI. She is DNA tested clear for CD, CMR1, DM, HC/HSF4, HUU, MDR1 and prcdPRA. She is DNA tested carrier for CEA.

Tenor Tenor Tenor

week one
delivering pups from noon to midnight made for a long day on Sunday
vet check, tails and dew claws on Wednesday
everyone eating good and growing
yellow1 yellow1
yellow collar
black w/minimal white
blue1 blue1
blue collar male
blue merle w/white
green1 green1
green collar male
black w/white
brown1 brown1
brown collar male
red w/white & copper
purple1 purple1
purple collar male
red w/minimal white
week two - lots more eating and growing
got checked out by the other dogs in the family, out of town visitors stopped by
not fond of liquid wormer, ears and eyes starting to open - classic rock is better than jazz




too hot out here
week three
lots of time outside, more visitors,
babysitters, different toys
they call this food? bring mom back fulltime!
line line
get in line
meal meal
first meal
babysitter babysitter
Keyloh babysitting
missing missing
where did he go?
purple purple
suck up
blue1 blue1
green1 green1
yellow1 yellow1
precious princess
brown1 brown1
week four - freed from the 'box'
expanded accommodations inside and out, lots more regular food and less mom
more visitors including short ones - kids???, new toys, new environments to explore

dirty feet spice


bonus! chew toy

places to go

bouncing with mom

cheap toys

I know there is more

a friend from the other side

queen of the tree root

king of the jungle

brotherly love

let me out
week five - way too active for this old person
playing at the edge and falling into the pond caused a few upset stomachs, but recovery was swift

wide load

head tilt perfected

I'm coming for you


precious princess

on a mission

cheap seats

hold still
week six - fun times

he started it

brown boys

other boys

Kenny teaching patience

learning sharing in kindergarten


how does this work?

only the shadow knows

tunnel races

special time

high five, Q litter style

new rug?

open big

cheap treat

not as good as human fingers & toes

working my core
week seven

car rides,
chiroprator vet visit,
temperament evaluations,
more new people,
some old friends revisited
and sheep poop!!

many thanks to
Kathi Schwengel
of  Shadowdance Aussies
and Rustic Photography
for the hospitality and
great photos



I'll get there

taking turns

photo bomb

exhausted but still going

don't even think about it
week eight - clean crates overnight, vet checks and eye exams
long car ride to Minnesota and back, more new people, more sheep poop
conformation evaluations, drive evaluations, exposed to ducks
and DNA sent to determine coat color on green collared male
yellow1 yellow1
yellow collar female
black w/minimal white
blue1 blue1
blue collar male
blue merle w/white
brown1 brown1
green collar male
cryptic blue merle w/white
brown1 brown1
brown collar male
red w/white & copper
purple1 purple1
purple collar male
red w/minimal white
thank you for sharing the last eight weeks with us watching the pups grow up
we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have
at this time we are excited to introduce...


male blue merle w/white
(blue collar)
blue "Boo"
blue blue
Qualified and Ready

male cryptic blue merle w/white
(green collar)
green "Dibs"
with the Umstead/Lahr family
in Illinois
green green
Quell the Storm

female black w/white
(yellow collar)
yellow "Quel"
staying with us
yellow yellow
Quite the Catch

male red w/white and copper
(brown collar)
brown "Catch"
with the Johnson family
in Georgia
brown brown

male red w/white
(purple collar)
purple "Quest"
with the Petrauskas family
in Illinois
purple purple