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Our dogs have been completely health tested, are dual registered and at a minimum tested on stock although any dogs raised here will be trained and titled before being bred.
Breedings are done after spending many hours with the dogs to understand what they have to offer (both good and bad) and much research into the pedigrees.
We try to spend equal amounts of time interacting with the pups as well as just observing how they handle things as a group and individually. We provide a little something different each day so they can build on their experiences and have new stimulation and challenges without overwhelming them.
I strongly believe that recovery is as important as initial reaction.

From three to sixteen days of age we use early neurological stimulation based on the "Bio Sensor" program with socialization and enrichment beginning as soon as the pups eyes and ears open. For more information about these puppy rearing concepts, check out Dr. Carmen Battaglia's Breeding Better Dogs website.
Between six and eight weeks of age, independent people evaluate each puppy for temperament, drives, natural instincts and conformation.
The Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test is used to evaluate temperament. Check out more information on the evaluation at the Volhard's website.
The Jona Decker P.A.W.S. Working Dog Evaluation is used to evaluate drives and instinct. Check out more information on the evaluation at the Land of PureGold Foundation website.
The ASCA Most Versatile Aussie Conformation Worksheet is used to evaluate conformation. The ASCA Worksheet for your review.

Before going to their new homes, puppies are
- wormed regularly
- up to date on vaccinations
- health checked by a veterinarian
- examined by a chiropractor
- eyes examined by a DACVO veterinarian with results sent to OFA
- microchipped and registered with AKC Reunite
- independently evaluated for temperament, drives, instincts and conformation
- exposed to stock
- ASCA and AKC registered to new owner

Pups are sent home with a supply of the dog food they have been eating, blanket from sleeping area and toys they are familiar with to ease the transition to their new home.

As breeders, we do everything we can to ensure we our producing healthy sound puppies who can work. Starting with proven bloodlines then health testing, training, trialing and working our dogs. Researching pedigrees, reviewing health information and watching other dogs work before deciding on any possible combination. We spend group and individual time with the puppies to give them the best start and use experienced independent people to evaluate them. We work hard matching the pup with the right home. It is the responsibility of the new family to continue providing a healthy environment with exposure, stimulation, challenges and training to bring out the best in their pup. We are always available to help or direct you to others who can. We will take back any dog who is not working out. If you are not happy neither is the dog and throughout it's entire life the dog's well-being is of utmost importance.

With respect to all the breeders that came before us and continuing their efforts to retain the true working aspect of the breed, all puppies are sold on "Limited Registration" or "Spay/Neuter" contracts. Once the dog has hips, elbows and eyes tested and has proven its working ability, $250.00 will be returned and full registration will be signed over on "Limited Registration" pups. Working ability can be proven several different ways including through the competitive stockdog, agility, obedience, rally and tracking trial programs of ASCA, AKC, CKC or AHBA, an ASCA Ranch Dog inspection showing how the dog is a valued part of handling livestock in everyday ranch, farm, and/or stockyards or FEMA/SARDUS/NASAR cetrified Search & Rescue work.

Our goal is to protect the pup and any future offspring throughout their lives
therefore all pups are sold with contracts. Our puppy contracts for your review;
"Limited Registration"       "Spay/Neuter"

Some people have felt our contract is too restrictive and they want the freedom to do whatever they want with a pup they purchase. The purpose of our contract is to protect the dog for its entire life not just the first few years. The puppy can come back to us at any time if you feel that it is not working out or something in your life changes that makes it impossible to keep them. We are not going away once we cash your check, though we are not intrusive into the families of our puppies. I try to send out reminders about puppy shots, happy birthday wishes and let you know if I will be in your area and there is a chance to visit. I look forward to hearing how the pup is progressing, will answer any question put forth and if I don’t know I will find someone who can help. Many people have been very helpful to me and I hope to do the same for others. The training paragraph is not because I care if the pup knows sit, down, come or stay rather that regular positive interaction starts as soon as possible which leads to a happy puppy – something that any responsible puppy owner is going to do anyway. As for the limited breeding clause, I think breeders who work hard for the betterment of the breed do the health testing and prove working ability before breeding anyway. We just put in writing that this is what is expected because I have made mistakes in the past choosing puppy homes. I can be a bit too trusting and tend to focus on the best in people – a good attribute but one which has caused a couple of pups to end up in less than desirable homes. With the help of some of our successful puppy placements, we put this contract together more than twenty years ago and have had no other problems. The contract probably scares away some good homes for which I am sorry but I think as people get to know me and the dogs they understand the true intention behind our contract.

Our puppies are sold "Limited Registration" for $1,200.00 and "Spay/Neuter" for $1,000.00.
Yes, this is above average for working Australian Shepherd puppies. Consider the savings in complete genetic health testing information, microchipping, first eye exam, both ASCA and AKC registrations plus the possible $250 return to offset the costs of x-rays/exams and OFA certification for hips, elbows and eyes.