mekkado's dogs - Sisco

Rossy's Sisco

Rossy's Ole Blue Eyes DNA-CP
Arrow B Barnfly STDcs DNA-CP
red with white male born October 30, 2008
bred by John & Susan Rossy of Rossy Kennel in Lecoma, MO
dual registered and fully health tested


In my continued search for stud dogs that had some of the old working lines up close, I called John & Susan Rossy hoping for a lead to any of the old 'Bearfoot' dogs. John explained that he and Chewy (Bearfoot Red Man Chew Rossy) never really connected and that is why Chewy went to live with Roger Stevens. Susan joined our discussion and mentioned they had a male pup they held back for her sister and at seven years old was still living with them. We arranged a visit and somehow Sisco ended up coming home with me.

He is very tightly bred on 1988 ASCA Supreme Stockdog Champion HOF WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet (Red Oliver's Slip). Three different Slip breedings are in Sisco's pedigree with these sires; HOF WTCH Judd's Chickasaw Dan (Joey Judd's Dan), HOF WTCH Zephyr's Crimson King (Tony Rohne's Bud) and Ruff-N-Ready Shadey Joe a son of HOF CH Jone's Reddy Teddy. Other ancestors include HOF WTCH Windsong's Hurrah Cain and HOF WTCH Deharo's 2-Bits as well as a second line to 'Bud'.

We have worked Sisco on sheep and cattle a few times. He will get out and around and shows an uncanny ability to keep stock grouped but does not really seem to enjoy the work. With his age and my already full schedule, Sisco will enjoy life as a companion, guardian and traveling buddy rather than training and trialing.

Sisco is environmentally sound, protective of our vehicles and home, neutral with strangers, easy to live with and travels well.

He is registered with ASCA and AKC. He was born with a full length tail which was docked. He has full and correct dentition. His parentage has been verified through the ASCA DNA program. He is DNA tested clear for Canine Multifocal Retinopathy, Collie Eye Anomaly, Cone Degeneration, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hereditary Cataracts (HSF4), Hyperuricosuria, Multi-Drug Resistance and progressive rod-cone degeneration mutation of Progressive Retinal Atrophy. He has OFA good hips and normal elbows. In 2016, he passed OFA clearances for eyes and thyroid.

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