mekkado "P" litter, 2016

mekkado's "P" litter

sired by Rossy's Sisco
out of WTCH Nineveh's Keyloh of Mekkado RTDcs AFTDcsm OFTDd
co-bred with Ray Fryar of Rockin F Aussies in Bryan, TX
4 blue merle females, 1 red merle female, 2 black females and 2 blue males
born October 10, 2016    dual registered and clear by parentage for CD, CEA, CMR1, DM, HC/HSF4, HUU, MDR1, prcdPRA

Keyloh has introduced us to the aussie and stockdog worlds. We have been fortunate to start with such a talented and strong dog that makes up for our mistakes. For more information go to Keyloh's page.
Sisco came to live with us in December 2015 and immediately became part of the family. His pedigree brings in some old lines very close up. For more information go to Sisco's page.
We are looking forward to the power and natural talent this combination may bring.

Over 75% of the 62 dogs in a six generation pedigree have proven themselves in ASCA programs as high level stockdog competitors and/or producers of the same.

This includes 5 WTCH's, 12 HOF's and 30 HOF WTCH's with
3 of the 4 ASCA Supreme Stockdog Champions represented...
- 1988, HOF WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet (3 times)
- 1991, HOF WTCH Twin Oaks Kit Carson
- 1995, HOF WTCH The Bull of Twin Oaks

Check out our pups/available page for more information on our breeding philosophy, puppy rearing, evaluation process and our puppy contract.



01BMFyellow 01BMFyellow
Mekkado's Paintin
the Town Blue
with the
Mellingers in OK
04BMFpink 04BMFpink
Mekkado's Paisley
with the
Radfords in OK

05BMFltgreen 05BMFltgreen
Mekkado's Platinum
"Addie" with the
Marsh family in VA

06BMForange 03BMForange
Mekkado's Peyote
will be staying
here with us

02BTFwhite 02BTFwhite
Mekkado's Phoenix
of Rockin' F
with co-breeders
Fryar family in TX
08BBFtan 08BBFtan
Mekkado's Patent
Pending Punchline
"Peyton" with the
Hughes' in PA
08BBFtan 08BBFtan
Plutonium Lace
"Lace" with the
Decker family in VA
07BMMpurple 07BMMpurple
Power Switch
"Mickey" with the
Hudsons in ID
09BMMdkgreen 07BMMdkgreen
Partner in Crime
"Jake" with the
Peery family in OK
grown up
Paintin Paintin
Mekkado's Paintin' the Town Blue
OFA eyes AS-EYE1932/1F-PI
Paisley Paisley
Mekkado's Paisley
Platinum Platinum
Mekkado's Platunum "Addie"
OFA eyes AS-EYE1934/1F-PI
Peyote Peyote
Mekkado's Peyote
OFA hips good AS-36588G24F-VPI, elbows normal AS-EL11301F24-VPI,
eyes normal AS-EYE1933/25F-VPI, thyroid normal AS-TH291/24F-VPI
Phoenix Phoenix
Mekkado's Phoenix of Rockin F
2017-2018 ASCA Stockdog Merit Awards #16 STDc, #6 STDs
Peyton Peyton
Mekkado's Patent Pending Punchine "Peyton"
2017-2018 ASCA Stockdog Merit Awards #20 STDs
OFA eyes AS-EYE1930/1F-PI
Plutonium Plutonium
Mekkado's Plutonium Lace "Lace"
OFA eyes AS-EYE1935/1F-PI
Power Switch Power Switch
Mekkado's Power Switch "Mickey"
OFA eyes AS-EYE1936/1F-PI
Partner Partner
Mekkado's Partner in Crime "Jake"
OFA eyes AS-EYE1931/1F-PI