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“Conformation” is the official name for “dog shows.” These programs are designed to promote the exhibition of registered purebred dogs and award those that conform to the breed standard as well as evaluate breeding stock. The dog’s conformation - his overall appearance, structure and movement - is an indication that the dog’s structure will allow him the capability to do the work it has been bred for and to produce puppies structurally correct. Fashion trends are a part of our lives and have also become a part of the dog show conformation world. Please be sure to understand the breed standard which supports the work the dog was bred for when evaluating appreance, structure and movement for your particular purposes.
Many venues offer conformation competitions including
Australian Shepherd Club of America
American Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
Bermuda Kennel Club

StarFire StarFire
Hey Jude's Star-Fire
of Antar, CD
GSDCA 1984
#3 Brood Bitch
Futurity/Maturity System
Aristocrat Aristocrat
Mekkado's Aristocrat
Celebrity Celebrity
Mekkado's Celebrity v HeyJude
GSDCA 1984
Midwestern Region
maturity class placement
Daytona Daytona
Mekkado's Daytona
DragonSlayer DragonSlayer
Mekkado's Dragon Slayer
co-owned with
Jim & Cheryl Spice
Ferrari Ferrari
Mekkado's Ferrari
co-owned with
Jim and Cheryl Spicer
GSDCA 1984
Great Lakes Region
Best in Futurity
Fancy Fancy
CH Mekkado's Fancy of Edbar
co-owned with
Ed and Bard Hanlon
GSDCA 1984
Midwestern Region
Best Opposite in Futurity