mekkado history hunting


Dogs have long been man's companions in the hunting fields, originally for food, clothes and safety when a person's survival depended on his and his dog's abilities. As our society has developed our needs have changed and hunting has become a sport more than a neccessity of life.  
There are still avid outdoorsmen who partner with dogs as they enjoy the hunting experience as well as venues which offer competitions including
American Kennel Club
United Kennel CLub
Canadian Kennel Club


We had some experience working with dog's drives and trainability, but Ken's decision to get a hunting dog truly opened our eyes to natural instinct and talents and what it meant in a working dog. These behavious are an expression of innate biological factors based on instincts ingrained in the species for survival. There are many things you can train a dog to do, but that instantaneous natural response to a stimulus which comes from within a dog is just remarkable to witness. Learning to work with these natural talents has pushed our training to new levels.
Mekkado's Dare to Dream, better known as 'Spot' was Ken's heart dog. The passage of time has not filled the emptiness her passing has left in our home. We are thankful for the new insight she brought to our training but more importantly to the joy she shared with everyone she met.